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How to layout the indoor stainless steel stair railing handrail to be atmospheric?

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Stainless steel staircase layout design, I believe that many architectural friends will consider a problem. How to design the layout of stainless steel stair railings into a high-end atmosphere will be the top priority of the entire indoor aesthetic space. The following is to focus on the indoor design of stainless steel stair railings, friends who need to find stair railings, you can contact our DEMOSE customer service phone to communicate drawings and quotations in time.

How to layout the indoor stainless steel stair railing handrail to be atmospheric?

The stainless steel staircase structure is light, modern in shape, convenient in construction, and it is determined that it is not easy to protect. Whether it's an L-shaped staircase or a spiral staircase, space is used efficiently.

The layout of the indoor stainless steel staircase is also something that should be considered in the design. For example, the entrance of the stairs should not be directly facing the door. If this happens, there are three ways to avoid it.

One is to turn the stairs facing the gate in one direction, such as designing the shape of the stairs into an arc, so that the staircase mouth reverses the direction and faces away from the gate;

The second is to hide the stairs, preferably behind the wall, use two walls to clamp the stairs, and at the same time increase the owner's sense of security when going up and down the stairs, and the space under the stairs can be designed as a storage room;

The third is to use the screen to place a partition between the door and the stairs, so that the vigorous air can enter the home along the screen.

The handrails and railings of stainless steel stairs are also places that cannot be ignored. The handrails of indoor stairs are mainly divided into wooden handrails, steel handrails, stainless steel handrails, copper handrails and so on according to the material. The height of the railing is generally about 90 cm, it is taboo to use mirror stainless steel or other silver shiny metal, the guardrail welding should be full welding, and the weld should be smooth.

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