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How to select stair railing

The selection of indoor stair handrail is a very important decision, because it can not only provide you with safe and reliable walking protection, but also provide your family with more decorative beauty. When choosing the handrail of family stairs, three aspects should be considered.

selection of indoor stair handrail

First of all, when selecting the handrail material of family stairs, its durability, easy cleaning, and safety should be taken into consideration. Generally, there are several materials to choose from, such as wood and metal. Each material has its own uniqueness. Therefore, it needs to be carefully considered according to the actual situation when selecting.

Secondly, when selecting the design of the interior stair handrail, we should consider the actual situation of the stairs. The distance specification, height specification and shape of the stair handrail should be considered, so as to better combine the family decoration and increase the comfort and beauty of the interior.

Finally, when purchasing interior stair railings, you should also consider the quality and price of stair railings. Generally speaking, the price of stair handrail in families with higher quality will also be higher, while the price of stair handrail with lower quality will also be lower. However, please rest assured that when purchasing the family stair handrail, the manufacturer of DEMOSE stair handrail will give a reasonable plan according to your actual needs to ensure that you get the stair handrail with high personality ratio.


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