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Which saving of space is the spiral stair or the straight stairs?

Author: 2023-03-20 14:34:52 Straight stairs Spiral stair 6

Spiral stair

Stairs are an essential element in architectural layout, but there are significant differences in the use of space between different types of stairs. Spiral stair and straight stairs are common stair types in architectural layout. Who has the advantage in space utilization?


First of all, Spiral stair have the advantage of saving space because they traverse buildings in a circular or similar circular form, and each turn of the stairs is on the same horizontal line, making it possible to complete the passage of the stairs in a smaller space. In some building structures, due to space constraints, Spiral stair can better save space, and it is also easier to operate.


straight stairs

On the other hand, straight stair can provide more space because more space can be used when walking through them, and each turn consumes a certain amount of space. Therefore, straight stairs have more advantages when the space is larger. In addition, straight stairs are also easier to operate because they do not need to operate around an arc like Spiral stair, as long as they walk along the stairs.


In short, in terms of space utilization, spiral stairs have more advantages, while straight stairs are easier to operate. In practical applications, appropriate stair types should be selected based on the actual situation, in order to save more space without affecting the use effect.

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