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What are the commonly used stair railing materials for families? How to make a reasonable choice?

At present, there are several commonly used stair railings in households:

stainless steel staircase handrail

1、 Stainless steel staircase handrails. Stainless steel staircase handrails can be said to be the mainstream product in the market, with a simple and elegant style and a strong sense of modernity. Long service life, easy to clean, good pollution and corrosion resistance, and more affordable compared to similar products.

2、 Wooden staircase handrails. Wooden staircase handrails are a relatively traditional form of handrails, with delicate touch and generous style, which are deeply loved by people. Thick and sturdy, with delicate texture, diverse styles, and elegant appearance. But compared to stainless steel staircase handrails, they are more expensive, require regular maintenance, and are prone to moisture.


3、 Iron staircase handrail. Iron staircase handrails are relatively fashionable handrails, mostly loved by modern young people. Compared to stainless steel staircase handrails, they have a variety of styles, a stronger artistic sense, and a more elegant appearance. But if the rust prevention process is not done well, it is easy to rust and affect use, so it is necessary to choose iron staircase handrails with quality assurance.  

The above are three commonly used family staircase handrails introduced by Demose. Customers who need customized stair railings can contact our company.

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