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Is it better to use a rotating staircase for self built houses? Would it be better to take a corner staircase?

Author: 2023-05-29 15:30:41 rotating staircase corner staircase 4

In the design of self built houses, stairs are a means of passage connecting different floors and are also an important visual element in the architectural space. Therefore, when choosing the form of stairs, multiple factors need to be considered. Which is better between rotating stairs and corner stairs?

rotating stairs

The rotating staircase is very beautiful in appearance and can showcase the beauty of the staircase in multiple directions. Its curved shape conforms to ergonomics and does not cause too much fatigue when climbing stairs, providing good comfort. In addition, rotating stairs can effectively save space and facilitate floor layout. Relatively speaking, corner stairs are relatively simple and simple, lacking the artistic sense of rotating stairs. However, the spiral staircase is not very convenient to maintain due to its spiral shape.

Corner stairs are relatively more practical. It turns at a right angle and is a more conventional choice. The corner staircase does not take up too much space, and maintenance is also quite convenient. The safety of corner stairs is also better, allowing for quick and effective evacuation of personnel in emergency situations.

When choosing a rotating staircase or a corner staircase, multiple factors need to be considered, such as architectural style, practicality, safety, etc. If you still don't know how to choose, please contact DEMOSE and we will customize it for you.

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