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Does the rotating staircase take up space or save space?

Author: 2023-10-31 15:40:54 rotating staircase 2

A rotating staircase is a uniquely designed staircase structure that combines the spiral shape of the staircase with traditional vertical stairs through its unique rotating mechanism. However, the design of this staircase has caused some controversy in terms of occupying space. Some people believe that rotating stairs take up too much space, while others believe that this staircase design can save space.

 rotating staircase

The viewpoint that supports the use of rotating stairs to save space suggests that due to their unique spiral shape, rotating stairs occupy relatively less space in the longitudinal direction. Compared to traditional vertical stairs, rotating stairs can provide more steps at the same height, thus reducing the flat space occupied by the stairs. In addition, rotating stairs can also be freely installed in indoor or outdoor corner positions, making better use of smaller spaces.

In addition, the design of the rotating staircase is aesthetically unique, giving people a unique feeling. Combining its spiral shape with the design style of the building can create a unique sense of space and increase the artistic and ornamental value of the building. In some commercial venues, this unique design can attract more traffic, thereby bringing business opportunities and profits.

However, opponents believe that the rotating staircase occupies too much space. They believe that traditional vertical stairs are installed on walls, while rotating stairs require a larger three-dimensional space.

Overall, the rotating staircase is quite space saving. Supporters believe that rotating stairs occupy less longitudinal space and can better utilize corner positions in smaller spaces. In addition, its unique design can also add color to the building.

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