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Villa balcony railings must be safe and beautiful

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In the villa balcony decoration, railings are essential accessories. The villa balcony railing is not only a manifestation of the safety factor, but also an important expression of the balcony decoration. So in the choice of balcony railings, must not be free Oh! In civil buildings, the net height of balcony railings of low rise and multi-storey residential buildings should not be less than 1.05M, and that of middle rise and high-rise residential buildings should not be less than 1.10M.

Balcony railings should be designed to prevent children from climbing, the net distance between the vertical bars of the railings should not be greater than 0.11m, and fall prevention measures must be taken where the flowerpots are placed.

Ⅰ. Villa balcony railing style

On the basis of conforming to the balcony railings, we can choose our favorite style balcony railings according to different design styles.


1. Iron railings-simple European style

The black iron railings, hollow shape and smooth shape show the charm of simple European style. The iron spray paint of the entire railing is made of environmentally friendly paint, which is safer to use. Simple wrought iron railings are dotted with yellow marble façade, making the entire villa look not monotonous, gorgeous but simple. 

2. Glass railing-modern style

In modern style villas, glass-style balcony railings are a good choice. The black aluminum alloy railing sandwiches thick tempered glass, which looks simple and atmospheric without losing its monotony. The glass villa balustrade and the simple exterior wall of the villa are well integrated, full of modern flavor.

3. Wooden railings-Chinese style

The freely designed partition shape makes the entire Chinese railing become non-stiff, and the color of the railing of the villa balcony can be selected according to the needs of the owner. The wooden villa balcony railings are matched with the imitation blue brick villa exterior wall decoration, which makes the whole villa design look unique in Lingnan style.

There are many choices of villa balcony railings, but safety should be the main priority in the selection. If there are children at home, avoid choosing a style that is easy for children to climb to avoid accidents.

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