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How should the spiral staircase be designed?

Author: 2021-04-19 17:01:26 Stainless steel column Stair Column Factory 19

Many designers may wonder why in the daily home decoration design, the number of steps on many stairs exceeds 18 steps?

This is because our specifications are more to restrict tooling, and in home improvement, owners often choose the most space-saving staircase construction method in order to save space.

The height and width of the stair steps are also regulated, as can be seen from the chart, and the commonly used stair steps in our project have a width of 300mm and a height of 150mm.

Through the specification, we can calculate the height of the entire staircase through the step height.

2. According to the specification, the net height of the upper and lower aisles of the stair platform should not be less than 2000m, and the net height of the stairs should not be less than 2200m.

This specification refers to straight running ladders, but it is also applicable to spiral stairs. It should be noted that when the spiral staircase does not reach 360° rotation, there is no clear height.


3. Specification for spiral staircase

When curved stairs and fan-shaped stairs are used as evacuation stairs, the plane angle formed by the upper and lower steps should not be greater than 10°, and the stepping depth 250mm from the handrail of each step should not be less than 220mm, as shown in the figure above.

The reason why the horizontal projection formed by the upper and lower steps of the spiral staircase is less than or equal to 10 degrees. The reason is that the larger the length, the wider the step width, which is not conducive to fire evacuation.

4. Specification for spiral staircase

Here are a few commonly used design codes for everyone, such as residential, dormitory and other building railing height specifications

1) The height of railings and handrails of indoor public stairs should be ≥900mm;

2) When the height of the railings and balustrades of the horizontal section of indoor public stairs (stairwells) is more than 500, the height of the railings and handrails of the indoor public stairways should be ≥1050mm;

3) Height of protective railings and fences near empty spaces: the height of the sixth floor and below should be ≥1050mm, and the height of the seventh floor and below should be ≥1100mm;

4) The height of the window guard railing and the fence should be ≥900mm;

5) The height of the handrail of indoor stairs should not be less than 900mm from the origin of the step. When the length of the horizontal handrail on the side of the stairwell exceeds 500mm, its height should not be less than 1050mm.

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