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Iron Handrails: An Art Trend in High-End Housing

Author: 2021-04-19 17:26:51 Wrought iron railing Iron railing price 46

Wrought iron railings are used more and more widely in our families with their light figure, dexterity and beautiful shape. For residential decoration, it is very important for users to choose various decorations. 

When choosing the iron railings installed outdoors, we should pay attention to prevent the railings from rusting. Therefore, when choosing the railings, we generally do not choose the kind of iron materials that are directly exposed outside. We must choose the iron railings that are coated with a layer of waterproof paint outside, so that its service life can be longer.

Iron railings also need to be well maintained in the later stage, especially rust removal. Here are the rust prevention methods of iron railings:


1. Can be used in the surface of iron railings blue, electroplating, painting, inlay enamel and other methods

2. The surface of iron railings is coated with a layer of active metals such as magnesium, aluminum and zinc. Because zinc is more active than iron, zinc is oxidized to protect iron from rust.

3. On the surface of iron railings, strong oxidizing substances can be used to passivate the iron surface to form an oxidation protective film. Derusting method: use dilute sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid to scrub the surface of iron railings, or use reducing substances to reduce the rust on the surface of iron railings.

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