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Two types of glass railings: post glass railings

Author: 2021-09-22 11:44:45 post glass railings 34

Compared to another type of glass railings——frameless glass railings, post glass railings are more common. According to the classification of the post material, there are two conventional stainless steel glass railings and aluminum glass railings. These two metal posts are not easy to rust and are durable. With reasonable spacing arrangements, the glass railings of the posts can be kept safe and the cost can be controlled.


Stainless steel glass railings are very popular because of their moderate price, various styles, durability and exquisiteness. According to the site conditions, three different types of stainless steel posts of 304, 316 and 316L are matched according to the requirements. Under the same conditions, the service life of stainless steel glass railings is prolonged as the grade of stainless steel posts increases. In addition, the connection between the stainless steel post and the glass is often fixed with a glass clamp.


stainless steel glass railings

Aluminum glass railings are suitable for demanding environments. Its high-quality corrosion resistance and high strength make it an enduring raw material choice in the construction industry. In addition, it has strong plasticity and is easy to process. The changeable design style of aluminum glass railings originated from this. Whether it is retro complicated or modern and simple style, aluminum glass railings can be controlled, and customers have a wider range of choices. Different from stainless steel glass railings, aluminum glass railings mostly use a slotted post to connect the aluminum alloy post and the glass, and the whole is stronger.

 aluminum glass railings

Whether it is household railings or engineering railings, post glass railings are common but unconventional, with a wide range of styles, stylish atmosphere, and versatile styles. Practical and beautiful stainless steel glass railings and aluminum glass railings, more customized styles, welcome to consult Demose!

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