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Why do you like nostalgic stairs?

Author: 2021-09-19 16:53:44 14

Why do you like nostalgic stairs? On the one hand it is feelings, on the other hand it is comfort. For this question, the editor of Demose combines several sets of nostalgic stairs styles to give a simple answer.


Nostalgic stairs often contain the precipitation of time. Compared with the present, the unique humanistic feelings of that period of history are far away and missed. The faint woody fragrance, the warm handrails, and the wooden straight staircase are common staircases in old houses in the past. Stepping on the solid wood pedal, it is the touch in the memory, it is practical and not easy to slip. The newly-added steel structure under the pedals also makes the stairs firmer, without creaking noise, and does not affect the use. Looking at such stairs, it seems to have seen the old days. Things are not people. From the stair building with time imprints, it is good to miss it a little and sigh.



The nostalgic stair, with the appearance of the old, is a familiar structure, habit and pleasing to the eye, so there is no need to worry about not adapting to new things. Moreover, you don't have to guess when it is out of date. After all, it has already become a symbol in the time it disappeared. It is not a trend but also unique. The iron railings with different postures enchantingly hover on the smooth marble stairs, and you can feel the unique European retro style at a glance. The rhythm of fashion is changed again and again, but the nostalgic staircase is as always, very suitable for people who like slow-paced life.


nostalgic stairs

Why do you like nostalgic stairs? Maybe it's a habit, maybe it's a remembrance. Architecture, when it comes to stairs, has never been a cold commodity. In addition to artistic aesthetics, there are also hidden humanistic feelings.

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