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Stainless Steel On-wall Handrail

Author: 2021-09-25 13:44:14 Stainless steel handrails on-wall handrail 7

It often appears that when building stairs, the physical retaining wall is used as a railing instead of additional railings. The smooth wall does not have a place to grasp the force, the safety factor is not high, and it cannot be used, and the design is not friendly enough for the elderly who are struggling to go up and down the stairs independently. Or the stair treads are relatively wide. For safety, even if there is a wall, it is better to install handrails on both sides. In view of these situations, consider installing an on-wall handrail. Here are three different types of on-wall handrail.


The first on-wall handrail is a very simple straight-line stainless steel tube. This stainless steel handrail is painted in black, and is fixed by an accessory every short section. It looks like an ink bamboo, climbing up one by one. Black handrails are dotted among the white walls, the colors are distinct and harmonious. A classic black and white collocation, you will never get tired of it. This black handrail against the wall is suitable for most white wall decorations.


Stainless steel handrail

The second on-wall handrail is a stainless steel round tube with LED lights. This stainless steel handrail, the round steel tube is very suitable for hand grip. In addition, the handrail can be treated with anti-fingerprint surface treatment, so that even if it is used frequently, the surface of the handrail is not easy to leave marks. The luminous stainless steel handrail has an advantage. When you go up and down late at night, the light strip will illuminate the front for you. The bright white light from the armrests sprinkled on the jet-black wooden pedals, making the whole corridor extraordinarily simple and gentle.


on-wall handrail

The third type of on-wall handrail is two parallel stainless steel pipes. This stainless steel handrail is installed in parallel with two staggered steel pipes. This design is to take care of the height difference between adults and children. If shorter children need to use handrails when going up the stairs, the lower second handrail is just suitable.


Stainless Steel On-wall Handrail

The above is a brief introduction to the three stainless steel handrails. The design focuses on different and adapts to different customization needs. Whether it is stairs or corridors, if the environment requires safety, you can consider installing a beautiful and practical handrail against the wall. For more custom stainless steel handrails against the wall, welcome to consult Demose!

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