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Demose Railing Manufacturer Teaches You How to Install Railings on top of the Retaining Wall

Author: 2021-09-27 18:10:16 Stainless steel railing 22

How to install railings on top of the retaining wall? Simple, the Demose railing manufacturer teaches you: A low railing is enough to install it. The completed building does not mean that the construction is completely over. Similar to the finished rubble retaining wall, some people are often dissatisfied with its existing height due to various reasons, and rebuild it afterwards. A simple and practical way to increase the height of the retaining wall is to install a low railing on it.


If the retaining wall is under the eaves and protected by the eaves, carbon steel railings, that is, iron railings, can be considered for the railings to be installed. Low-cost carbon steel railings, hot-dip galvanized and painted on the surface, can not only choose the color to increase the beauty, but also add a protective layer on the surface of the railing to extend the service life of the railing. On the top of the retaining wall, the low railing is fixed by formal installation, which is simple and convenient!


 carbon steel railing


And if the retaining wall is in the open air environment or the geographical location is close to the sea, you need to consider using suitable stainless steel materials to make low railings. A simple wire drawing tube or wire rod passes through the steel plate to build a strong safety line of defense. By adjusting the number of drawing rods and matching the corresponding height of the steel plate column, the height of the entire retaining wall can be selected independently. Moreover, the plasticity of stainless steel railings is also strong, which can be well adapted to retaining walls of different shapes and angles. In addition, the low railings installed in the formal installation method are matched with various accessories such as base decoration covers, and the whole is simple and beautiful!


stainless steel railing

If you need to install a railing on the top of the retaining wall, you may wish to consider the above two Demose low railings, which are installed and fixed in a formal way, which is durable, convenient and beautiful!

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