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How many sections of railing is better for this length?

Author:Demose 2021-10-04 18:03:31 Railing Design Code 14

When designing a railing, people often feel a headache: How many sections of railing is better for this length? If the railing is too narrow, it will increase the cost, if it is too wide, it will affect the stability. In fact, there is a simple division method, which can be calculated according to the width of a section of 1200 mm. This method is suitable for a variety of railing designs.


Railings with uprights, such as brushed stainless steel railings, aluminum alloy railings... The distance between the two uprights of these railings is generally 1200 mm, so one railing can be divided into 1200 mm. For frameless glass railings, the width of a piece of glass is between 1200 mm and 1300 mm, and this simple algorithm is also applicable. However, this algorithm seems simple, but in many cases it is impossible to apply it completely, because the length of the railing that needs to be installed is not a multiple of 1200, which is embarrassing. In this case, it is necessary to allocate and adjust the width, position and number of railings to be installed according to the size of the site. In other words, this simple algorithm can roughly get the number of railings, and then make appropriate adjustments according to the scene.



For railing designs of different lengths, Demose will design the length of each railing section according to the specific terrain of the site, so as to design the railings to an appropriate length, taking into account the cost and safety.

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