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Marble and Glass Stair Combination

Author: 2021-09-29 15:54:38 marble stair glass railing 6

Marble is a material for stairs with a long history. Various marble stairs have been built and used in different occasions. As a modern and fashionable building material, glass is widely used in the production of stair railings. The collision of tradition and modernity, the combination of marble and glass stairs, and what kind of feeling is it? Let's take a look at this marble glass stair that Demose exported to Nigeria.


marble glass stair

The deep brown is the mottled stone pattern on the lower layer, and the light blue is the rising crystal blue glass. Using modern materials, it has successfully created a fresh and natural style marble glass staircase. The elegant spiral stair shape is not as heavy as the traditional marble staircase, but slightly lighter.


The marble glass stair with a combination of marble treads and glass railings extends upwards and is visually beautiful. The designer is well versed in the rules of spatial layout and easily realized the perfect extension of the lower space, turning the previously not bright and bright upstairs space into a sky for endless reverie. After a busy day outside, facing such an open space at home, my mood can be much more cheerful.


Stairs are buildings in buildings. When customizing stairs, not only need to consider the design of a single set of stairs, but also need to consider the harmony of the stairs placed in the entire space, so that the stairs in the villa give users a friendly experience. More marble glass stairs with different styles, welcome to communicate with Demose~

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