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Four Accessories that Affect the Price of Stair Customization

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The stairs are composed of multiple accessories, which are matched to form different staircase plans, and the price is comprehensively priced according to the configuration parameters of the plan. That is to say, in the process of custom purchase, the fluctuation of the price of the stairs is affected by the price of each component. If you want to know how the price of the stairs is priced, you need to know the price of the accessories of the stairs, that is, you need to know what are the commonly used accessories in the stairs.


1. Keel:

The main part of the staircase-the keel, plays a role in supporting the entire staircase in the staircase. Whether it is a single-keel staircase, a double-keel staircase or a hidden keel staircase, the keels of various shapes are used as the support pillars of the stairs. They are often made of steel structure and made of stainless steel or carbon steel as raw materials. They have high hardness and can effectively affect the overall staircase. Support. The price of keel also fluctuates according to the price of raw materials.


2. Tread:

In general staircase decoration, there are two types of treads: solid wood treads and glass treads. The solid wood treads can bring warmth to the stairs, while the glass treads are generally matched with the steel structure stairs, which has a strong sense of fashion. The thickness of the wooden tread is generally 38-50mm. The thickness of the glass tread has more choices. The laminated glass tread is commonly used. The thickness is mainly the sum of the thickness of two single pieces of glass and the interlayer. Optional glass tread thickness, common ones are: 10+1.52PVB+10mm, 12+1.52pvb+12mm, 19+1.52PVB+19mm, 10+0.76pvb+10+0.76pvb+10mm


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3.  Stair handrail:

Railings are not only decorative, but also protective and safe. Nowadays commonly used stair handrails are made of stainless steel and solid wood. Compared with cold stainless steel handrails, the warm solid wood handrails will not freeze hands. When the stair handrails are directly in contact with the palm of the person in winter, the solid wood stair handrails on the stairs can prevent hands from being covered. The handrail is iced.


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4. Post:

The column is an important accessory of the stairs, and it mainly plays the role of supporting the guardrail in the stairs. Column guardrails are more common than pillarless guardrails such as frameless glass railings. The material and design of the stair column also affects the stability of the guardrail and indirectly affects the safety of the stairs. Currently, there are two main types of staircase columns on the market, stainless steel columns and steel-wood columns. The two columns are determined according to the overall selection of the stairs.


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The common parts of the above four kinds of stairs construct a set of exquisite and practical stairs, and the price of the accessories is calculated to form the price of the stairs. Foshan Demose Hardware designs, produces, and wholesales all kinds of mid-to-high-end stairs, and also sells stair accessories separately, such as stair handrails. The staircase handrails designed and manufactured by Demose have reasonable design, fine workmanship, novel styles and reasonable prices. If there is a drawing that needs to be processed by the manufacturer, Demose can also customize it! If you need to inquire about stairs, welcome to communicate with Demose~

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