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Stair Type Structure Introduction of L-shaped Stairs

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The L-shaped stair is a kind of twisted staircase. As the name suggests, the floor plan of this type of staircase is like a capital letter L. The 90-degree turning point is a notable feature of the L-shaped stair. Whether the turning point is properly designed or not depends on whether the slope of the entire staircase is reasonable. Generally speaking, bending points appear at the entrance of the stairs, and a few are set at the exit of the stairs.


L-shaped Stair

In which case is the L-shaped stair suitable for use? If the distance between the floors is too large, in order not to make the stairs too steep when building the stairs, the winding stairs are often used to turn to maintain a reasonable slope of the stairs. When building the stairs, the straight stairs are too shaky. If there is a suitable space for the U-shaped stairs to design the stair platform, then a compromise can be considered to design the L-shaped stairs.


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The advantages of L-shaped stairs: simple and easy to shape. This kind of simple stairs has mature craftsmanship and is easy to control costs. Therefore, L-shaped stairs are more common. Whether it is a heavy concrete staircase, a marble staircase, or a lightweight steel-wood staircase, a wrought iron staircase, the L-shaped structure is mostly used, and most of the Pensky staircase and double-keel staircase of Demose are also made into the shape of L-shaped stair. However, a larger space is required, and the requirements for indoor space are relatively high. If you want to customize the L-shaped stair, welcome to exchange design with Demose~

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