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Which is better, cast-in-place stairs or steel structure stairs?

The use of stairs is very important in daily life. It can not only play a role of carrying up and down, but also can play a very good decorative effect. And now there are many types of stairs, such as cast-in-place stairs, steel structure stairs and so on. But there are also some users who may face such a problem when choosing, that is, which one is better between cast-in-place stairs and steel structure stairs, and how to choose. Below I will give you a brief introduction.

steel structure staircase

1. Short construction period

Compared with cast-in-place stairs, the construction period of steel structure stairs is very short, and its materials can also be recycled, making it a green and environmentally friendly building. In particular, it is not easily affected by the column surface and can save space better, so it is also more popular with the public.

2. The seismic performance is better.

Secondly, there is another feature of steel structure stairs, that is, it also has a very good advantage during construction. This is mainly due to its light weight, which can play a good seismic performance and can be recycled at the same time. , saving construction land. In particular, it can also accelerate the flow of funds and greatly reduce the investment risk of developers.

3. Diversified shapes

Another important feature of steel structure stairs is the diversification of their shapes. Due to the characteristics of steel, they can be made into multiple shapes, which can better meet the diverse needs of users.

It can be said that it is precisely because of the advantages of steel structure stairs that although their cost is higher than that of concrete stairs, they are still welcomed by many users.

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