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What material is better for aluminum alloy stair handrails?

Author:Demose 2022-06-08 15:07:53 Aluminum alloy stair handrail stair handrail balcony stair handrail 3

The stair handrail has a very large protection for the safety of the stairs. If the stair handrail is not selected properly, it will also cause great safety and hidden troubles. So what material is better for aluminum alloy stair handrails, and how should we choose better? The following editor will give you a brief introduction.

Aluminum alloy stair handrail

1. The actual height of the installation

Before installing the aluminum alloy stair handrail, it is necessary to measure the actual installation height of the user in advance, and there are certain requirements and restrictions when installing different heights. For example, the height standard of indoor stairs is 90CM, and if it is an outdoor staircase, the height cannot be lower than 110CM.

2. Requirements for use environment

Different use environments have different material requirements for aluminum alloy stair handrails. At present, the materials of aluminum alloy stair handrails are also divided into several types, which requires users to choose aluminum alloy stair handrails according to their actual situation. Use the environment to make selections. Especially for some outdoor stair handrails, the material is relatively better.

3. Manufacturer's after-sales service

In order to better choose aluminum alloy stair handrails, when making a choice, you should also pay attention to understand the after-sales service of the manufacturer. It can be said that professional manufacturers not only have excellent design capabilities, but also have Very good caring service.

In addition, when choosing an aluminum alloy stair handrail, it is best to check the price of the product and whether it has a good market competitiveness. If the price is much higher than the market price, it is also necessary to choose carefully.

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