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Why do stainless steel glass railings use laminated glass?

When choosing a stainless steel column, many people ask whether it is necessary to use laminated glass. Here Demose explains it from a professional point of view.

stainless steel glass railing

On the one hand, in the structure of modern houses, the balconies belong to the edge of the suspension, that is, the balconies of the houses built by the family belong to the suspension. Therefore, in the selection of glass, we should try to choose safety glass. What is safety glass? In fact, on the one hand, it is necessary to ensure that the effect of resisting impact force is better, not easy to be damaged, and also has better buffering properties. when you don't need to worry. These are the characteristics of safety glass, and the laminated glass we are talking about here is a kind of safety glass. Laminated glass is not only not easy to be broken, but it will not fall even if it is broken, so it can also be commonly used on balconies. is to use laminated glass.

Of course, this will be much better for the safety of the guardrail, because we use safety glass itself, which is better than ordinary glass in terms of overall performance. After using the double-layer glass, the glue is sandwiched in the middle, which is not easy to be damaged. After all, there is a layer of glue inside, which can effectively eliminate the impact force.

The above is why the stainless steel glass railings introduced by Demose use laminated glass. Customers who need to customize stainless steel glass railings can get in touch with our company.

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