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What are the installation steps for the embedded parts of stainless steel railings?

Customers have consulted us, what are the installation steps of stainless steel railing column embedded parts. Here stainless steel railing manufacturer Demose briefly introduces it for everyone.

Stainless steel railing columns

First of all, the blanking work of the embedded parts is carried out according to the drawings, and the blanking is carried out according to the drawing size, and then the holes are punched in the finished material and the deep processing such as grinding is carried out. Embedded parts should be descaled treatment, spray anti-rust paint when necessary, the processed embedded parts are taken to the site in place, fixed according to the fixed point on the drawings, and welded firmly after verifying the size, and adjusted in inappropriate places.

In order to be beautiful and ensure the success of the later installation, the surface garbage caused by welding and the non-smooth places at the weld should be polished smoothly, and the places where the anti-rust paint has fallen should be brushed.

Stainless steel railing column use scope is relatively wide, there will be a trend of expansion in the future, in its installation must be steady and steady, do a good job in each step to ensure the quality of the entire project, reduce the occurrence of troubles.

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