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What are the requirements and techniques for balcony railing installation?

Author:Demose 2022-08-18 11:55:13 4

material requirements

1. The entry material must have a certificate of conformity to ensure that the quality of the railing material is qualified. 

2. The welding rod in the field must have a certificate of conformity.

Balcony railing

the operating conditions

1. Carefully study the relevant drawings and be familiar with the shape, size, construction practices and position and elevation of the railings in various parts.

2, prefabricated railing installation should be a comprehensive inspection, the focus is on weld inspection, whether the welding point is firm and reliable, no desoldering, no leakage welding to ensure the thickness of the weld.

3. The installation line and elevation line should pop up on the balcony side before construction.

Safety requirements

1, in the spring clearance line and the center line balcony wall according to the position of the buried iron to weld the railing horizontal pole and pole, no burial parts should be applied no less than Φ8 expansion bolts into the concrete wall and floor with the same, and then with Φ8 steel reinforcement for reinforcement connection, the length of the connection weld shall not be less than 30mm.

2. The expansion bolt should be hit into the outside of the mold rod on the railing, not on the inside.

3, welding should be firm and reliable, expansion bolt fixation should be reliable, nut should be tightened so that it has a certain pulling stress.

safe operation

1. Operators must wear safety helmets when entering the scene, and slippers are not allowed.

2. The installer must wear a seat belt for operation, and the construction can be carried out when the seat belt is fastened and fastened.

3, mechanical and electrical appliances can not be randomly connected and pulled, wires can not be supported.

4. Do not throw objects and drop things downward at the construction surface to prevent smashing people.

5, each railing can only leave work after the safety is completed, and a railing that has not been installed and completed shall not leave work, so as to avoid falling accidents that others do not know, and the unsettled railing shall not be placed on the edge of the balcony.

The above is the balcony railing installation requirements and technology introduced by Demose for everyone, customers who need to customize the balcony railing can get in touch with our company.

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