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How much does household balcony guardrail cost for per meter?

How much does a household balcony guardrail cost for per meter? The price of different profiles is not the same, the profile accessories used by different manufacturers are different, and the design and scheme of each household are also different.

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For the balcony guardrail, considering the long-term exposure to wind and sun and the storm, ordinary materials are easy to rust. Therefore, the requirements for profiles and processing technology are relatively high, try to buy a large brand with good quality, and avoid wasting manpower and material resources for rework later.

There are three main forms of protective fences for household balconies: internal protective railings, external anti-theft frames, and invisible protective nets.

1. Equipped with protective railings

Interior protective railings should be the most common balcony and window protection measures. Houses that are generally open for commercial exchange often take this form. The way of taking the inside can avoid wind and rain, causing the protective fence to pulverize, crack, rust, affecting the service life and aesthetics.

If you consider that the protective railing is very affecting the home effect, the owner can choose to remove it and replace it with a new protective railing when renovating. When replacing, pay attention to safety, avoid after demolition, before reinstallation, there is no obvious safety prompt, resulting in accidental fall accidents.

2. External anti-theft frame

The external anti-theft framework is also often used in the way, but ask the property in advance to see if the community is allowed to install. Because some communities, considering the overall beauty and anti-theft needs, do not allow owners to do this. If you can, be sure to keep it or at the escape port.

3. Install invisible protective nets

This is a relatively new way at present, by installing a relatively thin steel wire mesh in the window or balcony, on the one hand, it can play an anti-theft role, on the other hand, the impact on the field of vision is also small. It is also relatively safe and more practical and effective in preventing falls.

The above is the price and main form of the household balcony guardrail introduced by Demose for everyone, and customers who need to customize the balcony guardrail can get in touch with our company.

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