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What are the key points to note in the installation of glass guardrails

In the daily installation of glass guardrails, glass railing construction, what are the key points to pay attention to? The following is a brief introduction by Demose to the installation of glass guardrails.

Glass guardrail glass railing

1, glass guardrail plane installation points: glass guardrail must be tempered glass or laminated glass, tempered glass thickness should not be less than 12mm, glass should not be in direct contact with rigid nodes, there should be elastic material padding between the two, when the design uses both sides of the embedded glass guardrail, glass into the column notch on both sides should have more than 3mm clearance, the gap is filled with glass sealant, glass embedded in the groove of the high layer is not less than 12mm.

2, glass guardrail base column installation points: when the guardrail to replace the column with glass, the glass should leave a gap of about 8mm, glass and other materials should also leave a gap of about 8mm, the gap should be filled with sealant. The base of the glass guardrail is the key part of the glass guardrail installation effect drawing fixed guardrail, generally need to use angle steel processing to combine into fixed glass fixtures, the two sides of the fixed parts with expansion screw and floor or electric welding and pre-structural connection fixed firmly, not loose, glass and fixed parts groove bottom with a hardness of 80 ~ 90 rubber support block up, glass into the fixed parts Of the high-rise degree is greater than 100mm or more, glass extended into the two sides of the fixture (that is, between the angle steel, steel plate) should leave a gap of 3 to 6mm, with neoprene plate liner and clamp the glass tightly.

The above is the glass guardrail glass railing installation points introduced by Demose for everyone, and customers who need to customize the glass railing can get in touch with our company.

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