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What is the construction process of customizing stainless steel stairs

What is the construction process of a custom stainless steel staircase? First of all, let's understand the material and its application range, stainless steel stairs are made of stainless steel, mainly divided into handrails, columns, bases and other components, stainless steel stair handrails are mainly used in construction projects. Homes, companies, parks, squares, shopping malls, etc. are widely used.

Stainless steel staircase

The common stainless steel stair column material on the market is usually stainless steel 304, and the coastal area 316 material is more, which has the advantages of anti-corrosion.

So what is the specific construction process of stainless steel stairs? The following is a brief description by the Demose stainless steel staircase manufacturer: 

1. The stainless steel staircase engineering process is mainly to install embedded parts - pay off - install the column - connect the handrail and the column - grind and polish. Before installation, the column is grooved by lengthening the line and releasing the line according to the angle of the site and the roundness of the handrail used.

2. Then put the handrail into the column groove for spot welding installation, the adjacent handrail installation docking is accurate, and the seams are tight. After the adjacent steel pipes are docked, the seams are welded with stainless steel electrodes. Before welding, the oil stains, rust spots, etc. are eliminated within 30-50mm of each side of the weld. 

3. After all the grinding and polishing are welded, use a hand-held grinding wheel grinder to smooth the weld until the weld is not visible. When polishing, a flannel grinding wheel or felt is used for polishing, and the corresponding polishing paste is used until it is basically the same as the adjacent base metal and no weld is visible.  

The above is the stainless steel staircase construction process introduced by Demose for everyone, customers who need to customize stainless steel stairs can contact our company.

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