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How is the amount of indoor and outdoor stair railings calculated?

Author:Demose 2022-10-25 16:00:57 Stair railings Stair railing customization 4

Stair railing is every family installed with stairs will care about the design of stair railings, whether at home or indoors, is a lot of work, the design of stair railings and specifications must be in line with the overall effect of stairs and families to install, let Demose introduce the specific calculation method of indoor and outdoor stair railings engineering quantity.

Stair railing

1. The railing, railing and handrail are calculated according to the length of their centerline in extended meters. When the design of stair railings, railings and handrails is not specified, their length can be calculated by multiplying the total projection length by a factor of 1.15.

2. When calculating the handrail, the length occupied by the elbow is not deducted, and the elbow is calculated separately (two elbows are calculated for one bend, and one elbow is calculated for the top layer).

3. The hardwood handrail project has included elbow safety, if the finished elbow is used, another set of finished elbow installation project is required, and the length of the finished elbow is deducted.

The above is the basis and calculation method of indoor and outdoor stair railings introduced by Demose, and customers who need to customize stair railings can contact our company.

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