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What are the installation specifications for balcony glass railings in high-rise buildings

Author:Demose 2022-11-08 13:58:55 balcony glass railing glass railing balcony railing 3

General civil buildings, when choosing stainless steel glass balcony guardrails, the height must be between one meter one five and one meter two, so as to protect the personal safety of residents to the greatest extent, and must have certain preventive measures at the bottom.

Balcony glass railing

There should be no gaps between the balcony railing and the ground at a height of ten centimeters, so as to avoid accidents for residents with small babies at home. This is for high-rises, for residents living on low floors, the height of stainless steel balcony guardrails should also be controlled above one meter and one, which is a mandatory requirement for the height of balcony guardrails by the state, and it is also a hard requirement that residents must comply with when installing stainless steel balcony guardrails.

Second, if it is a high-rise building, the balcony guardrail should meet the following requirements:

1. The railing should be made of strong and durable materials and can withstand the horizontal load specified in the load specification;

2. The height of the railing should not be less than 1.05 meters, and the height of the railing of high-rise buildings should be appropriately increased, but should not exceed 1.2 meters;

3. The railing should not be left empty within a height of 0.10 meters from the ground;

4. Where there are children's activities, the railing should adopt a structure that is not easy to climb.

The above is the installation specification of balcony glass railings in high-rise buildings introduced by Demose, friends who need to customize balcony glass railings can contact our company.

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