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What problems should be paid attention to in stair customization?

Author:Demose 2022-11-14 17:40:38 stair customization custom staircase home staircase customization 2

Whether it is home staircase customization or staircase customization for engineering applications, the raw materials and specification problems of stairs are all important when customizing stairs. Especially in the villa staircase decoration design, in recent years, staircase customization is more favored by the sales market, so how to customize the staircase? The following is a brief description by Demose.

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Height from stairs to concrete floor: The height here should be less than 2M, if the height is less than 1.8M, it will cause discomfort.

The height of the guardrail railing: the height of the guardrail railing should be to the height of the abdomen of the adult, generally 85-90 cm, and the diameter of the guardrail board should be 5.5 cm.

Tilt: The height of the first and last steps of the stairs should be consistent with the height of other steps, and the difference should be manipulated within 4 cm, generally 2-3 cm.

Height and depth: the height of each step should be controlled in the middle of 15-18 cm, the depth of the staircase is good in the middle of 22-27 cm, and the level of the staircase is 15 steps up and down.

Railing spacing: The spacing of the railings under the stair guardrail also has some regulations, and the spacing between the management centers of the two railings should be 8 cm wide, not more than 12.5 cm, otherwise children are very easy to extend their heads out of the railing, resulting in risks.

Overall width: Sometimes due to the elements of space, the total width of the stairs also has some restrictions, but regardless of the space limit, the total width of the stairs on both sides should not be less than 75 cm, and if the total width of the stairs on both sides is not less than 90 cm.

The above is the design problems to pay attention to in the stair customization introduced by Demose for everyone, and friends who need to customize stairs can get in touch with our company.

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