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Who knows what methods and skills are available when accepting steel wood stairs?

Author:Demose 2022-11-17 15:06:32 steel wood stairs stair customization custom steel wood stairs 5

In the decoration of the villa, most owners will choose to install steel wood stairs, steel wood stairs are beautiful in appearance, durable, and the surface treatment process is diversified, suitable for indoor or outdoor use in most occasions, can reflect the modern steel structure architectural art. So what are the methods and skills when accepting steel wood stairs? Let's find out together!

steel wood stairs

1. First of all, the cold and warm of the handrail are accepted

If metal is used as the railing of steel wood stairs, then it is best to ask the manufacturer to do a treatment on the surface of the metal, especially in the north, the metal will have a cold feeling in winter, which will make people particularly uncomfortable.

2. Whether the materials used are environmentally friendly

Don't forget that steel wood stairs are also made of "materials", which is easy to overlook, don't let the stairs volatilize harmful chemicals.

3. The noise should be small when stepping on the stairs

The steel and wood staircase should not only be strong, safe and beautiful, it should not make excessive noise when used. The noise of the steel and wood staircase is related to the material of the stepping board and the overall design, and also to the connection between the individual components.

4. Whether the acute angle has been eliminated

All parts of the steel wood stairs should be smooth and rounded, without protruding and sharp parts, so as not to cause unintentional injury to the user.

5. The construction should be fast and convenient

The installation of steel wood stairs should be done in a convenient way, which will minimize noise and dust during the installation process. The stairs that need to be welded have potential safety hazards during the installation process, and odor and dust are also pollution to the home environment.

The above is the method and skills introduced by Demose to the acceptance of steel wood stairs, customers who have customized steel wood stairs can contact our company.

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