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What should I pay attention to when purchasing balcony railings?

Recently, many owners have reported that what should I pay attention to when purchasing balcony railings and balcony protective fences? Balcony railing design? Is the material corrosion-resistant? Balcony railings, balcony protective fences are the primary consideration of safety factors, the purchase of shape should not be suitable for climbing, height should not be lower than the regulations, Demose for everyone to summarize the following points balcony railing purchase points, need friends can collect this article.

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I believe that everyone will place lockers, washing machines and other objects on the balcony, there will be a certain weight, and the strength of the load-bearing capacity of the balcony railing will be a problem to consider. If you add some potted plants, you should pay special attention to the load-bearing capacity of the guardrail. When purchasing, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the load-bearing capacity of the guardrail, which should not only match the area of the balcony, but also play an aesthetic role.

Guardrails with good material are usually relatively good corrosion resistance, and have an inner and outer base structure, the base layer is steel, the alloy layer is zinc rigid, and some also contain a dense alloy layer. Generally speaking, the more complex the structure and production process of balcony guardrails, the stronger its corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance.

Demose railing manufacturers remind everyone that in home decoration design, it is best to choose a guardrail that matches the design style, so that the balcony and the house space are integrated, beautiful and atmospheric, if the style difference is too large, it will destroy the overall coordination.

If you are a friend in the north, it is cold in winter, it is recommended to choose a fully enclosed balcony, because whether it is a transparent railing or a semi-closed fence, it is open and cannot keep warm.

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