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What are the installation steps for glass stair handrails?

Whether in home décor or engineering applications, direct acquisition and glass as a stair handrail can make the space look more transparent, there is no wood or metal on it, the glass needs to be chamfered smoothly treated, and the fixing of the glass bottom is also very important to ensure safety when using.

glass stair handrails

So what are the specific installation steps of the glass stair handrail? Glass staircase manufacturer Deems will share with you.

Install the glass handrail insert:

The embedded parts must be used in the design of the glass staircase. The embedded parts of the stair railings can only be embedded in the installation process. The specific method is to make the rear connection with bolts and steel plates. First put the line on the civil base of the staircase, then determine the fixed position of the column, then drill the hole with impact drilling on the stair floor, and then install the expansion bolt, but make sure that the bolt has sufficient length. After the bolt is positioned, tighten the bolt, welding nut and screw to prevent the nut and steel plate from loosening.


Since there may be errors in the size of the stairs after the construction of the above embedded parts, before installing the stair column, it should be remeasured to ensure the accuracy of the buried plate position and the welding rod. If there is any deviation, it should be corrected in time. Make sure all stainless steel columns fall on the steel plate and can be welded around.

Column installation:

In the process of installing the column and welding column with the glass handrail, two people need to cooperate. One steel pipe remains vertical and cannot shake when welded. The other person should be welded around and should comply with welding specifications.

The handrail is connected to the column    

The handrail connects the column with the column before installation, according to the angle of inclination of the stairs and the roundness of the handrail, the groove is machined at the upper end. Then the handrail is directly put into the column groove, and spot welded from one end to the other, and the adjacent handrail is installed and docked accurately, and the joint is tight. After welding adjacent steel pipes with stainless steel welding rods. Before welding, oil, burrs, rust spots, etc. within the range of 30~50mm on each side of the weld must be removed.

The above is the installation steps shared by glass stair handrail manufacturers. Owners with glass stair handrails can contact our company.

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