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What are the types and advantages of glass stairs?

Author:Demose 2022-12-02 17:02:18 Glass staircase glass staircase manufacturer 3

Glass has good light transmission, light transmission performance, high chemical stability, and can obtain strong mechanical strength and thermal insulation effect according to different processing methods, and even make the glass independent color, isolate too strong light, so it is often used in all walks of life to meet different needs.

So what are the categories of glass stairs? What are the benefits and advantages? The following is introduced by the manufacturer of Demose glass stairs to facilitate everyone's understanding.

Glass staircase

1. All-glass stairs: The load-bearing parts of the stairs, such as steps, pillars, structural beams, handrails, fences, etc., are made of glass, and only a small number of metal fasteners are installed or no fasteners are installed.

2. Partial glass stairs: can be divided into steel structure glass stairs (structural columns or beams see metal structure + glass step surface + glass handrail guardrail).

Wooden glass staircase (structural columns or beams are made of wood + glass step surface + wooden handrail fence).

Glass stairs of other structures (structural columns or beams should be made of other non-glass materials such as aluminum or cement construction + glass pedals + wooden railings).

Glass staircase parts (only the handrail or one of the steps is glass).

Glass stairs have better safety and breathability, and below we will analyze their advantages separately.

If the formal design is fully followed, the thickness and number of layers of the glass material meet or exceed the specified specifications.

Glass stairs have better safety, and their safety, seismic performance and anti-slip performance are even better than other materials.

In terms of the permeability of the glass staircase, there is a unique feeling that distinguishes it from other materials.

This visual psychological safety should not be considered a physical safety performance of glass, as it is also one of the unique visual properties of glass stairs.

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