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What accessories are composed of indoor stainless steel guardrails?

Indoor stainless steel guardrail through different polishing processes, forming mirror bright, matte, brushed surface and other modern industrial processing decorative effects, and stainless steel has good physical properties in cold working, hot working, welding and other aspects. Below Demose will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of indoor stainless steel guardrails.

Stainless steel guardrail

Stainless steel accessories products mainly include stainless steel guardrail columns, column accessories, stainless steel partition support accessories and stainless steel handrail accessories.

Stainless steel guardrail columns are fixed on the building structure, used to support handrails and fix vertical components of glass plates, metal plates, steel poles, steel cables or metal meshes, and are the main load-bearing components of guardrails.

Stainless steel guardrail columns are widely used in building balconies, stairs, landscape enclosures, passage isolation, etc. The main varieties are glass guardrail stainless steel columns, steel bar guardrail stainless steel columns and glass partition stainless steel columns and other structural shape columns.

Column accessories are used for guardrail column body, and clamping glass plate to connect and transfer load components, can be used alone or applied to other fields, mainly glass fixtures and jaws.

Glass partition stainless steel bracket: all glass guardrails, do not use guardrail columns and handrail connection is called partition; It is mainly used to connect the structural parts that support the glass guardrail and bear the load of the glass guardrail. Applied to the bottom of the building glass guardrail device, passage partition, indoor glass partition wall, glass display shelf.

Stainless steel handrail fittings: for the support of handrails or the connection and fixing of handrails. The main varieties are handrail supports, including connecting glass handrail supports and wall handrail supports, handrail connectors, including sealing covers, elbows, movable elbows, tees, tees, decorative covers, connecting covers and handrail fixings, etc.

The above is the stainless steel guardrail manufacturer Demose for you to introduce indoor stainless steel guardrail related accessories, customized stainless steel railings with customer needs can contact our company.

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