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What should I pay attention to when installing and accepting villa balcony railings?

Now there are many houses that have balconies, which can increase the use area of the living room, so people pay more attention to the decoration of the balcony.

For the decoration of the balcony, the balcony railing is a big focus, which is related to safety and must be cautious, so you need to pay more attention to it during acceptance.

So how to check balcony railings? Below balcony railing manufacturer DEMOSE will make a brief introduction for you.

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Villa balcony railings

First, the general provisions of residents are very concerned about balcony railings, the quality of the railings themselves and the quality of installation, is the main direction of attention. For balcony railings, the occupants of each guardrail and handrail must be inspected.

Second, material inspection First, the design of the balcony needs to clarify the provisions of the balcony railing, and when inspecting the balcony railing, pay attention to the material, specification, quantity of the materials used in the production and installation of the balcony guardrail and handrail, as well as whether the combustion performance level of wood and plastic meets the design requirements.

Inspection method: at the time of acceptance, carefully observe the balcony guardrail and hand guard; Obtain a product certificate from the constructor to check whether the materials meet the design requirements to avoid construction personnel cutting corners or shoddy charging.

Third, after ensuring that the materials used for balcony railings and handrails are the materials specified in the design, residents also need to check the installation of balcony railings and handrails, including the shape, installation location, installation hardware, etc. of balcony railings and handrails.

1. Check the installation position before installing the balcony guardrail and handrail, and the construction personnel should first follow the installation position of the designed balcony guardrail and handrail by drawing a line to locate and install it.

This is the correct construction specification, and some unprofessional construction teams will not do this, so that the balcony installation location does not conform to the decoration design, resulting in inconvenient use of balcony guardrails and causing safety accidents. Tenants can use a ruler to check if the installation location is correct.

2. Checking the installation firmness of the balcony guardrail is why residents should pay attention to it, the main reason is that the balcony directly affects the safety of family life, and this is related to the firmness of the balcony guardrail and handrail.

Therefore, it can be used to check the firmness of the installation of balcony guardrails and handrails.

3. Check the installation hardware When installing balcony guardrails and handrails, it is necessary to install embedded parts on the ground, and the quantity, specifications and location of embedded parts in the general guardrail will be specified in the design, and only the installation that meets the requirements is qualified.

Therefore, the number, specification, and location of embedded parts installed on guardrails and handrails, as well as the connection nodes between guardrails and embedded parts, should meet the design requirements.

The above is the introduction of matters that need to be paid attention to in the installation and acceptance of villa balcony railings, and DEMOSE hopes to help everyone. If you need to customize the balcony railing, you can get in touch with us and arrange the salesman to communicate with you about drawings and quotations.

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