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How much does balcony guardrail cost per meter?

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Written in front: The following is to focus on how much is the balcony railing per meter, you need to find a friend of the balcony railing manufacturer, you can contact our railing manufacturer customer service phone, timely communication drawings and quotations.

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Before talking about how much is the balcony guardrail per meter, let's first understand what is the general height of the balcony guardrail, and more customers have consulted us DEMOSE.

Balcony guardrails are more to protect our safety, but the height standards of balcony guardrails are not the same. For balconies of low-rise and multi-storey dwellings, the height of the parapet should be at least 1.05 meters; However, for mid-rise buildings and above, the balconies balconies should not be shorter than 1.10 meters. And even your closed ones can't fall below that standard.

There are also some indoor corridors in the same courtyard of this kind of guardrail, the material must be more durable, can bear a certain weight, if the sky tells below 24 meters, then the height of the guardrail is the same for low-rise buildings, if higher than 24 meters, the requirements are the same as the height of high-rise buildings.

When the guardrail is installed, it is best not to leave it empty when it is 0.1 high from the floor and roof.

Regarding how much is a meter of balcony guardrails, customers are also more concerned about a problem. The price of balcony guardrails is determined according to the number and length of crossbars and poles of the balcony, this can be specially customized There is no unified price standard, but the general number of poles is 7, the railing spacing is 1.1m to 1.2m, the price of balcony guardrails varies slightly due to different price levels in various places. Therefore, everyone needs to choose the size they need in advance and then tailor it.

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