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What is the process flow of the glass handrail of the spiral staircase?

Author:Demose 2022-12-19 16:06:46 Stair handrail spiral stair handrail stair glass handrail 0

Written in front: The following is to focus on the process flow of the spiral staircase glass handrail, friends who need the stair handrail, you can contact our customer service and communicate drawings and quotations in time.

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So what are the processes of the spiral staircase glass handrail? Let's follow DEMOSE to find out. Generally, the spiral staircase glass handrail process has the following processes:

1. The engineering process of the spiral stair handrail is mainly the installation of embedded parts - the setting of the line - the installation of the column - the connection between the handrail and the column - polishing and polishing.

Before the column is installed, according to the angle of the site and the roundness of the handrail, the groove is processed by elongating the line.

2. Then put the handrail into the groove of the column for spot welding installation, whether the adjacent handrail is installed accurately, and whether the joint is tight.

After the adjacent steel pipes are docked, the joints are welded with stainless steel welding rods. Before welding, remove oil, rust, etc. within 30-50mm range on both sides of the weld.

3. After all welding is completed, grind the weld with a handheld grinding wheel grinder until the weld cannot be seen.

Polishing is carried out using a grinding wheel of flannel cloth or felt and the corresponding polishing paste is used until it is basically the same as the adjacent base metal, without welds.

The above process flow of the spiral staircase glass handrail is introduced to you here, I hope you can have a deeper understanding of the design of the stair handrail through the above.

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