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How to design modern staircase to be light and luxurious?

Author: 2022-12-27 16:47:44 Modern staircase staircase design light luxury staircase 1

From the perspective of building structure, high-end villas are generally duplex multi-storey design, stairs are naturally essential, so in the decorative design of high-end villas, stairs are also one of the keys. The decorative design of the villa stairs should not only consider the function, but also have a certain decorative effect, improve the beauty of the space, and emphasize the combination of beauty and practicality. So, how to design a modern staircase to be light and luxurious? Next, let's understand how modern stairs should be designed to be beautiful and practical.

How to design modern staircase to be light and luxurious?

1: The height of the steps should be uniform

When designing the stairs of high-end villas, pay attention to the height of the steps and avoid different heights of the steps. Generally speaking, the height of the villa stairs should be between 15~18cm, and the optimal height should be about 15cm, so you will not feel very tired when walking. If the height of the steps exceeds 18 cm, walking will not only be tiring, but also inconvenient for the elderly and children. In addition to the height of the step, you should also pay attention to the width of the step, the width is between 27~30cm.

2: The slope of the stairs should be suitable

In order to facilitate going up and down the stairs, do not give people a sense of oppression, the slope of the high-end villa stairs can not be too large, generally between 20~45 degrees, the best slope is about 30 degrees. In addition, the slope of the villa stairs needs to take into account the comfort of walking, climbing efficiency and space structure. To avoid depression, there can be a platform every 18 steps so that there is a relief zone and walking is more comfortable.

3: The handrail should not be too high

In order to avoid the sense of danger when climbing stairs, handrails must be installed when the villa stairs are decorated. The height of the villa stair handrail needs to be determined according to the height of the stairs. Generally, the standard height of the villa stair handrail is 90cm, but if the length of the stairs exceeds 5m, the handrail height will be increased to 100cm.

4: The width of the stair railing is moderate

In addition to installing handrails, high-end villa stairs also require vertical railings for safety. Under normal circumstances, the interval between the railings of the stairs of the villa should not be greater than 11cm. If there are children at home, the spacing between the railings should be reduced to about 8cm to avoid the risk of chucks due to excessive spacing.

5: Point the stairs are facing

The stairs have obvious directionality, which is easy to form a visual focus, and will also cause people to find and can't help but rise. Therefore, from a privacy point of view, the villa stairs must pay attention to the location and orientation to avoid direct access to the bedroom.

The above is to focus on how to design modern stairs to light luxury style, friends who need to customize stair railings, you can contact our customer service and communicate drawings and quotations in time.

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