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Several ways to make glass railings for stone stairs

Author: 2021-04-19 15:33:32 Stainless steel railing glass railing 48

1. The inner and outer facades of stone-clad glass railings

The glass railing needs to be pre-made with a steel channel foundation, and the inner and outer facades of the stone-clad glass railing can form a relatively complete inner and outer facade. Good integrity, beautiful atmosphere.

2. The outside of the stone-clad glass railing and the shape of the  steps

The glass railing also needs to be made of steel channel foundation in advance. The inside of the glass is made of stone steps, and the facade outside of the glass is made of stone, and the shape of the outside is to follow the steps of the ladder. In this way, the shape of the steps can be better highlighted, so that the glass also has the shape of the steps of the steps. 


3. The outer side of the glass railing is made of ladder steps

The outer facade of the glass railing can be made of stone or not. However, glass railings also require steel channel foundations.

4. Steps are normally used as the fulcrum of the proportional railing

This method is relatively simple. The glass railing is directly used as a fulcrum on the tread surface to fix the glass, and the requirements for the foundation are not so high. This method is now used more in public places.

5. The inner side elevation of the stone is flat, and the glass is directly fixed on the side

The glass railing does not need the steel channel, and only needs to be directly fixed on the inner side with expansion screws after the stone inner side is finished. This method will make the fixing screws of the glass railings appear clearly on the outside, and it also requires enough space for the stairs.

6. New combination of steel railing and glass railing

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