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The balcony guardrail is designed in this way, safe and beautiful!

Author: 2021-04-19 15:49:08 Stainless steel column railing Protective railing 57

Balcony guardrail design can be said to be ubiquitous in the work of architects. Although the components are small, they cannot be ignored. The balcony guardrail is the main component of the balcony, and it is the safety facility on the side of the balcony platform near the air.

Railings are generally composed of railing posts, railings, connecting rods or handrails, etc. It can be divided into empty flower railings, solid railings and a combination of the two.

Key points of balcony guardrail design:


  1. Safety design of balcony guardrail

  2. Balcony guardrail is designed according to the number of floors.

  3. The height of balcony guardrail design.

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