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What color stairs look good with white walls?

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What color stairs look good with white walls? When finishing, the matching design to be considered includes all aspects. The common white walls in multi-storey buildings are harmonious with the stairs of large objects. This time, Demose's author introduces two spiral staircases suitable for matching with white wall for reference.


This set of black-and-white stairs is matched with the surrounding white walls. The color is simple and not messy. The collocation of black and white may not be bright, but it is pleasing to the eye and durable. Under the illumination of incandescent lamps, the white stair treads become brighter and brighter, with clear boundaries and strong contrast with the dark stair baffle. Although the color is low-key, the shape of the spiral staircase is very atmospheric and elegant, and the overall design has a unique aesthetic feeling. The spiral staircase without central column has stronger sense of design, larger floor area and, of course, more atmosphere. In the modern simple decoration that likes "cold wind" and "high sense", the white wall with this black-and-white spiral staircase is a suitable decoration scheme.



Compared with traditional decoration, in a warm small house, white wall and small stairs are common collocations. This set of black and red steel and wood stairs is a simple spiral staircase, which is versatile in daily life. Solid wood and steel columns are durable for a long time and can stand the precipitation of time. In the fast-paced modern society, the trend changes with each passing day. It is very tired to keep chasing the new. Such a classic and beautiful white wall small staircase is more suitable for a warm small family.


 spiral staircase


What color stairs look good with white walls? When decorating the house, the white wall is like white paper, which can well accept the painting of different colors. Therefore, the stairs matched with the white wall have a wide range of choices. In addition to the two spiral staircases introduced above, more stair styles are welcome to consult Demose!

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