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Beautiful staircase picture

Author: 2021-09-18 16:50:42 19

A set of beautiful stairs is the highlight of a building, enough to attract people's attention. Here, Demose editor will share two beautiful pictures of stairs. Although they are not spectacular large stairs, they are small and exquisite, which is worth watching. Refer to the style effect in the figure.


The first beautiful picture of stairs is a transparent white glass staircase. The whole set of stairs is made of stainless steel and glass. Thick laminated glass pedals advance layer by layer, and smooth stainless steel handrails leap up the second floor around the central column. The central column in the middle is a highlight of this set of stairs. Different from the traditional single column design, it adopts double spiral structure and has a more ingenious appearance. The whole set of glass stairs is like exquisite handicraft ornaments, pleasing to the eye.


The second beautiful picture of stairs is a set of steel wood spiral staircase. The material matching adopts conventional solid wood pedals and stainless steel railings, and the structure is also a common center column mode, which occupies a small space. The configuration is common, but the appearance design is unique. At first glance, the whole picture of the stairs looks like a set of large harps standing gracefully and as luxurious as an angel's cage. The stainless steel vertical pipe hangs down from the sky. It is numerous but not messy. It looks like a rain curtain and is picturesque.



Skillfully designed stairs are not only practical and safe, but also pleasing to the eyes and heart. These beautiful pictures of stairs are enough to act as murals and are worth seeing. Of course, the beautifully designed stairs are far more than the above two spiral staircases. For more fantastic stair designs and beautiful stair pictures, welcome to consult Demose!

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