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Two types of glass railings: frameless glass railings

Author: 2021-09-19 15:35:39 19

According to whether there are columns or not, the two major types of glass railings are: frameless glass railings and column glass railings. Among them, frameless glass railings can be divided into hanging glass railings, u channel glass railing and swimming pool railings according to different fixing methods. Here, the editor of Demose gives you a brief introduction to these three kinds of glass railings.


In the first type of hanging glass railing, the glass is fixed by glass fasteners, which can also be called advertising nails. The common fixing method is to fix the glass with two glass fasteners instead of a column. The two glass fasteners in each row are equally spaced and aligned. The neat and uniform glass fasteners are often hidden on the side of the floor. Sitting in the living room and looking to the side, you can only see the glass exposed on the ground, which is very simple.


hanging glass railings

The second type of u channel glass railing uses trough bars to fix the glass, which can be installed in three ways: front installation, side installation and pre-buried. The common groove strips are aluminum grooves and stainless steel grooves, which are not easy to rust and are durable. They can be used not only indoors, but also outdoor courtyards. The square railing of the trough, like a gift box, is firm and reliable. It guards the flowers and trees in the middle and also guards the people in the building. It is a safe line of protection.


u channel glass railing

The third type of swimming pool railing is fixed with floor-to-ceiling glass clamps. This type of glass railing is often used around the swimming pool, so it is also called pool railing. The floor-to-ceiling glass clamps are small and exquisite, with square, round, oval...No matter what kind of shape the floor-to-ceiling glass clamps, as long as they are arranged at a reasonable distance, the glass can be fixed securely. Coupled with the matching door lock, the whole set of glass railings can not only block the water, but also restrict access and have complete functions.


swimming pool railing

As an important category of glass railings, frameless glass railings have been favored by consumers in recent years for their simplicity and quality. The hanging glass railings, u channel glass railing and swimming pool railings that belong to the same frameless glass railings use different fixed accessories. According to the topography of the site, choose the right one. No matter which glass railing, the effect is quite good. . For more styles of frameless glass railings, welcome to communicate with Demose~

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