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Recommended Staircase Decoration for a Family of Five

Author: 2021-09-28 10:44:15 Indoor spiral staircase 35

There are many factors to consider when couples live with their parents and children in the staircase decoration.


For families with children, stairs with railings are safer. Some stairs are conceptual stairs with unique shapes, without railings. When decorating, novice couples are advised not to forget the safety of their children because of their beauty.


For parents, it’s inconvenient for their legs and feet when they are old. In addition to moving to the first floor as much as possible, the stairs should preferably have handrails to help the elderly go downstairs. Handrails seem to be rarely used when going down the stairs, but for people with unfavorable legs, the role of handrails cannot be ignored.


There are old and young at the top, all of which must be considered. As important members of the family, the views of the couple are also very important. The stairs do not have to be very maverick, but the high-value stairs are always pleasing to the eye. In addition, more and more couples prefer modern European-style decoration styles than old-fashioned staircase houses, so it is best to buy stairs to match the decoration style of the house.


Recommendation-"Coconut" spiral staircase


demose staircase 


The hard "coconut shell" gives children a sense of security, and naughty children have no chance to reach into the gap between the railings. The safety factor is very high!

The handrails are treated, and the surface is smooth and without sharp corners, making it easier to go upstairs by holding on to. Stainless steel handrails have a long life and are cost-effective.


spiral staircase

The stylish and simple spiral staircase is not too fancy, it can withstand the test of time and look good! It is also more versatile, and it is the European and American style of decoration that many young people love. The shape is unique and the color is good-looking. This spiral staircase is decorated at home, with friends and relatives as guests, it must be a beautiful scenery, worthy of admiration!

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