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How to install stair glass guardrails?

Author:Demose 2022-11-22 15:30:15 Stair glass guardrail stair guardrail glass guardrail 2

How to install stair glass guardrails? Many customers have asked us this question.

There are many types of glass products sold on the market, the more common ones are glass hair accessories, glass lamps, glass stairs, etc. Glass can reflect different harsh light, very suitable for home decoration, now, many families use glass as a material to decorate the room, today, Demose will introduce you to the decoration must - how to install the stair glass guardrail.

Stair glass guardrail

The installation of stair glass guardrails, now the common stair handrail glass guardrails have two fixing methods, one of which is to use stainless steel surrounding glass for fixation.

This fixing method can be seen in many occasions, this fixing method has many benefits, the most important point is that the firmness is relatively high, and it will also play a certain role in the protection of the glass.

The use of stainless steel can make the glass and it fit effectively, so the fixing quality can be better.

There are also glass glue used to directly fix the guardrail, this fixing method does not use stainless steel fixing method is safe and stable. But in the case of a relatively high degree of aesthetics, there are some stair guardrails that are directly fixed with glass glue and can even be compared with some crafts.

So how much is a meter of stair glass guardrail?

According to the normal market quotation, the price of such stair handrails will have different prices in different manufacturers, and the guardrail processes involved, such as packaging edging, punching, etc., will charge a certain processing fee, the structure is more complicated, and the total price will also increase.

Therefore, when customers buy stair glass guardrails, they should choose qualified manufacturers with good product quality to buy, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles when installing stair glass guardrails.

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