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How to install the balcony glass fence to be stable and safe?

Author:Demose 2022-10-24 17:16:58 balcony glass railing balcony guardrailing balcony railing 3

Many family balconies in the middle of the floor will no longer only have sealed balcony guardrails, and some families on lower floors or at the top will also install guardrails or glass guardrails outside the sealed balconies.

So how to install balcony glass guardrails to be more stable and safe?

balcony glass railing

1. The glass guardrail used in daily decoration has certain requirements for the strength of the glass. Generally speaking, guardrail glass should be laminated glass or tempered glass.

2. Because glass is a brittle material, the glass cannot be in direct contact with the rigid node, and there should be an elastic material cushion between the two. When the scheme is to choose two embedded glass guardrails, there should be space at the notches at both ends of the glass entry column, and fill the space with sealant.

3. When the guardrail replaces the column with glass, there should be space between the glass, and the intersection of the glass and other materials should also be left with allocation space and filled with sealant. The guardrail base is the key part of fixing the guardrail. Generally, angle steel and steel plate processing are combined into a fixed glass fixture. Both ends of the fixing are fixed to the floor with expansion bolts or fixed with electric welding embedded parts.

4. The bottom of the glass and fixings should be lined with rubber support blocks. The glass enters the depth of the fixing, and the two ends of the glass entering the fixings should be vacated, padded with a neoprene sheet, and the glass is clamped. After the equipment is completed and the safety is not loosened, the appearance of the guardrail base is decorated to cover up. The gap left between the lid and the glass is filled with sealant. The lid material should not come into direct contact with the glass.

The above is the stable and safe method of installing balcony glass guardrails introduced by Demose, customers who need to customize balcony glass guardrails can contact our company.

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